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Prospective adopters or foster carers should be given information about the IRM if they have a qualifying determination.  Welsh Government have produced the following model letter:

Model letter:

Model letter – adoption
Model letter – fostering

When an application is received the Contract Manager will contact the agency to discuss who is the most appropriate person to liaise with.

IRM staff are always happy to discuss any queries you may have.

The guidance leaflets listed below will be sent following an application:

Adoption: Adoption Suitability Applications
Fostering: Fostering Suitability Applications

Adoption process: IRM Cymru process for adoptive families

Fostering process: IRM Cymru process for foster carers


Qualifying determination is the term that is used when a proposed decision makes someone eligible to apply to the IRM.  Those things would be:-
• They have applied to be a foster carer or an adoptive parent and the agency has said it is ‘minded not to approve’
• They are an approved foster carer and the agency wishes to change their terms of approval

They are an approved foster carer or adoptive parent and the agency wishes to de-register them.